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Welcome to Westside Shul


The Westside Shul is a Los Angeles-based modern Orthodox shul that provides a warm, inviting and uplifting environment for tefilla and learning. The Shul was founded in June 2016 by Rabbi Daniel Grama and a group of young families seeking a more intimate and vibrant Shul experience. Word spread fast, the Shul grew quickly, and today The Westside Shul has more than 100 member families!  

The Shul has a diverse membership group which values its warm and welcoming atmosphere, lively tefillos led by Rabbi Shua Rose, inspiring drashos, beautiful communal events and delicious weekly kiddush. These factors contribute to a special feeling each week at The Westside Shul which has transformed us from a small “Modern-Orthodox Shtiebel”in 2016 to a landmark West LA Shul today.

Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783