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Dear Friends,

As the 10th yahrzeit of our beloved Shimi, z”l, is upon us, it is with bittersweet emotions that we dedicate a sefer Torah in his memory. 

In davening we request, “Toras Chaim,” a life of Torah, “V’Ahavs Chessed,” a love for acts of kindness. These four words capture the essence our dear Shimi, z”l. For Shimi, z”l, Torah was alive. It was apparent in his personal value for Torah study, in his tremendous respect for his rabbeim, indeed all Talmidie Chachamim, and for his sincere rejoice  in the Torah growth of his friends. His love for chessed was legendary. The stories of his care and love for others were endless. His willingness to help out others, many a time without them needing to ask, was legendary. 

While we are left with beautiful and inspiring memories, our greatest comfort is to keep his love for Torah and chessed alive. Indeed, immediately after his passing a myriad of Torah learning, tzedakah and chessed were performed in his memory, trying to fill the void. This Sefer Torah Campaign is another page in Shimi’s, z”l, Book of Life. The funds from the campaign will help support a growing community, and 10 percent of the proceeds will be distributed to organizations of tzedaka and chessed. 

We are grateful to the Bridgeport Yeshiva, one of Shimi’s, z”l, primary yeshivos who the impetus of this project almost ten years ago, and we are excited to bring it to fruition, B’Ezras Hashem.

Your participation in the the Shimi Grama, z”l Sefer Torah Campaign will be very meaningful to us, as we perpetuate his memory and help build our future.

May we merit to greet the Moshiach speedily in our days! Amen.

Daniel and Ruthy Grama and family

Sefarim Already Dedicated


Parshios Already Dedicated

Bereshis, Noach, Chayei Sarah, Toldos, Vayeishev, Vayechi, Vaeira, Mikeitz, Emor, Pinchas, Vaeschana, Re'eh, Shoftim

Pasukim Already Dedicated

Devarim 6:18, 33:18, 19, Re'eh 11:26, 

Already Dedicated Special Parshios
               Birchas Kohanim                              Parshas HaMan                                     Az Yashir                                       Aseres Hadibros                 Shema


Dedicated Special Items
Kesser ~Sponsored~
Mantel ~Sponsored~
Atzei Chaim ~Sponsored~
Yad ~Sponsored~

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Chose from the remaining available Special Parshios: Eliezer & Rivka
Chose from the remaining available Sefarim: Bereshis, Shemos, VaYikra, BaMidbar, D'Varim


Mon, December 6 2021 2 Teves 5782